Occupation at UCSC

Read, follow, and spread the information. The occupation here has started: two hours in and counting...



Antonis said...

Though I have a number of objections politically, I have translated "Communique from an absent future" into Greek--given its references to the December 2008 uprising, I thought Greek youth might be interested to know more about the UC situation.

The translation is here: http://radicaldesire.blogspot.com/2009/10/santa-cruz.html

ECW said...


indeed I have a number of political objections to the "Communiqué" as well. But thank you so much for your solidarity and work in spreading the news/message. I know that the December uprising in Greece was of tremendous importance and inspiration to many of us here, myself included. I can only hope that this action and those to follow can have a bit of the same effect in return.