That atomic bomb called mass culture

 (A Miss Vie Nuove contestant.  Vie Nuove was the weekly magazine of the Italian Communist Party.  In other words, this is a PCI beauty pageant, which searched for "a healthy and robust girl of the people of typical Italian appearance")

Certainly something tremendous happened.  We are all afraid of the atomic bomb, but that only could go off. This has already exploded.

Vittorio De Seta, on the post-war transformation of Italian working class culture. 

Pasolini's "anthropological mutation" finds its post-nuclear fallout origin story.  And the weirder of the politically-edged pop directors - Questi, Sollima, Germi, Bava, Corbucci - come to appear like so many Toxic Avengers, who went deep into the radiation zone of mass culture and brought back an unholy glow, one that neither the PCI nor its further left antagonists knew what the hell to do with.

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