And of course he's drinking his own blood

On the note of my continuing search for intersections between these lines of thinking tracked out here, all that negativity and fidelity to the eccentric and dialectical reversal, and the kind of brilliant direct pedagogy and affective force of political hip hop, here is the intro track to Dead Prez's Let's Get Free (2000), "Wolves," sampling a speech by Chairman Omali Yeshitela. So haunting, so vicious, the recoil and horrible familiarity. Between my yearning wolves of noise and thought and the wolves that we all are forced to be, salivating toward our own death, knowing better than but unable to stop.

This is a model of analogy, of how to turn the idiosyncratic into the deeply felt of the commons. "That's the thing we have to understand today..."

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Savonarola said...

Worth visiting Wolfen (1981, dir. M. Wadleigh) if you haven't already: the dilapidated South Bronx as hunting ground of pre-capitalist animality, the primal struggle against real estate and enclosure (itself seemingly giving birth only to deserted WTC financial scapes), the counterpoint between the pre-Predator thermal p.o.v. of the "wolfen" themselves and the integrated state-corporate surveillance, the crucial role played by the dying armed struggle of the seventies (from RAF to Symbionese via AIM), and last but not least the usage of what seems to be the same footage of helicopter wolf hunts as the one that ends Marker's Grin Without a Cat - all in strange resonances with many of the reflections here and below.