The our of the wolf

Three Little Pigs analogy way to the side and irrelevant, I am the wolf to IT's pig, insofar as all things related to said creature gets me excited. This is nothing new, nothing bound to an airbrush t-shirt moon wolfspirit dreamcatcher. Goes back, back, back to my childhood. I was more of the t-shirt above, made by a small eco/zoological clothing company in Maine, which I owned as a kid. Calendars, posters, Nature Conservancy cassettes of Native American flute mixed with sounds of wolves. Aside from a deep tactile love of large canines, it is the tension between being a pack animal - working together to take down a beast too large for any single wolf to kill - and the stoic snowscape crossing with dead stare that drew me in from day one.

Hence why I like being sent things like this, from IT:

Mark Dion's Mobile Wilderness Unit - Wolf (2006). Keep 'em coming. All things hungry and circling.

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