SC Local Support Letter

Dear, dear Movimiento Estudiantil de UCSC

Sorry it took us so long to simply state our support. And sorry about that time I heckled you when you were jogging on West Cliff. Um, yeah. We're stoked on the trouble you're making up there on the hill. We are also tired of writing letters and the "two minute limit" freedom of speech and the permit-required democracy. It hasn't gotten us anywhere. No more modest requests. Time to make demands. We want everything too. We want reparations for our time spent working. We want food, shelter, a little weed, and healthcare; no exceptions. We want adequate education for our children, and music lessons, and languages, and surfing, and preschool, and gardens, and enough time to play. We want education in all those useful things: how to grow food, how to fix things when they're broken. We want much more than this, but it's a good start. Of course, we don't have much faith that the city or the State or the state are going to supply us with these things. So, I guess we're gonna have to do it for ourselves. Dudes, rise up! We're gonna have to drag some of your energy down into town too. Occupy everything, like you said. City Hall? The Office of Education? And let's tear up Hwy 17 and let the forest grow back. Torch the Boardwalk. Squat Urban Apparel and use it as a homeless shelter. A garden where every parking lot once lay...
From now on, kooks and trannies, we are at your side. And you'll be by ours.

In solidarity,
SC Locals

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