The Anti-Capitalist Transition

David Harvey on "Organizing for the Anti-Capitalist Transition," a long and critical stocktaking of what "co-revolutionary" Communism would and should look like. Particularly good, as Mr. Harvey always is, on sketching a big-picture portrait of the geographical and temporal make-up of the present and the ongoing defunctness of its planned future. Also, his ending note is a striking one, for those of us who understand Communism not as a fixed political program but as the self-constitution of a nameless mass out of an increasingly unavoidable recognition that capitalism's direction of history is no direction at all. Just the endless spiraling production of more rope with which to hang us all.

Communists, Marx and Engels averred in their original conception laid out in The Communist Manifesto, have no political party. They simply constitute themselves at all times and in all places as those who understand the limits, failings, and destructive tendencies of the capitalist order as well as the innumerable ideological masks and false legitimations that capitalists and their apologists (particularly in the media) produce in order to perpetuate their singular class power. Communists are all those who work incessantly to produce a different future to that which capitalism portends.


Tom Frome said...

earth-first/no-growth/malthus is reactionary/genocidal psyops. see: and and

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Definitely agree, at least insofar as we're talking about those trends/claims as total positions, as opposed to the obviously real concerns that underpin them. Haven't posted on the blog, but I've been writing recently on the underside of back to the earth nostalgia (in terms of shared fantasy and increasingly a massified call for greening capital). I'll try to put some of that up in the near. Thanks for the references.

Tom Frome said...

And in retrospect my comment looks brash and insolent (if concise). Would some capitalization or html have killed me? I'm amazed and impressed you responded so civilly. Bravo.