A splatter, if you like

Anish Kapoor's neo-Eiffel, red Tatlin tower design for Olympic public art money dump was chosen. Apparently, it would have boggled the Romans. All well and good, as large things on which to climb up and look around remain one of the more useful public space constructions, one of the things still capable of a bit of wow factor and the chance to make different, temporary avian sense of where you live. (Even if it was birthed from a furtive, ultra-rich strangers in the World Economic Forum night: "The structure will officially be called the ArcelorMittal Orbit, after steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, the richest man in Europe, who is funding it. Johnson said that if he and Mittal had not bumped into each other in a Davos cloakroom "we would not be where we are today".)

But it certainly makes one think: what would it look like to scale up another one of Kapoor's projects? May I suggest "Shooting into the Corner"? Imagine the Olympic Park dominated by frozen blood-looking melted wax, scattered and spattered everywhere, raining softly from the cannon as it softly thwumps! its load toward heaven and down onto the city...

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