Steep cliffs, falling rocks, swift and dangerous waters, and the hollow roar of the vicious and dumb

This basically sums up my time at Cornell last week: rusted overgrown ornament gates that open to hell, nature that may try to eat you (and the fake barbed wire bridges needed to hold one back from leaping into the void/shallow stream), and the best new adjective: CONTEMPTY. Meaning: a sneering vacuity.


Anonymous said...

do you even use the email address on your blogspot profile any more?

ECW said...

yeah, I do. Sorry if I didn't respond to something you wrote, send again.

Anonymous said...

If you'd been here two years earlier, you'd have seen the ruins of the Ithaca Gun Factory (and Superfund site), which produced weapons for the Royal Thai Army in the early 1980s.

For the last couple decades, before being condemned, all it did was leak lead into the gorge nearby.

Google that shit.