The stomach, rumbling roughly below the unwelcome bouquet

Cover for the course I'm teaching this fall with Marsh and Erik.   Gut flowers are sprouting, and we awake.  

(For any around Santa Cruz this fall, expect a glut of screenings beyond the class as such.  The Hammer films - the main thing to be talked about -  are consistently weirder, sadder, nastier, funnier, and more like mouthfuls of cold knives than I ever expected.  As such, they're far more important and compelling than they have any right to be.  Come join.)


Gabriel Idaho said...

Hammer's coming back. Daniel Radcliffe is starring in The Woman In Black (2011).

Anonymous said...

ECDub, wouldn't happen to know which section you are of that class...would you?

your friend,

not an awkward anonymous person who goes to UCSC

ECW said...

Tom: yeah, the time for the return of Hammer is seriously overdue. They're remarkable films, and if a return doesn't just mean a rehashing of their plots but toward the look and pacing of the things, they could be a serious tonic to the current state of things.

ECW said...

anon who isn't really anon: not sure yet, but all 3 of us are teaching the course properly. (i.e. all of us doing the lecture) I will also have a section, and I can let you know which that is if you send me an email (as I don't know yet).

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you guys get to pick the sections you teach or not, but if you do, might I suggest Thursdays at six in Cowell 134? That's the section where all the super awesome people who write killer essays that are really fun and/or easy to grade are gonna be. It's true. If not, than at least I'll get to hear your lectures, which will be cool.

And perhaps I will send you an email! Though I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up my anonymity...we'll see.