Winter wonderland

Emilia sent me this photo (of Dubai's Palm Jumeirah development) and suggested that this may in fact overleap the Rimini riviera as Tafuri's worst nightmare. What, she asked, would be the utopian alternative?

I think that the utopian alternative to this wouldn't be much different. All that we need is for the water to flood up between the houses and then freeze permanently. Interaction consists of gliding around on ice skates, cutting through frozen flooded living rooms, pairs ice dancing, children on slippery chairs, just one giant skating rink of post-bourgeois-house subjectivity.

Hell, it worked for us in Maine.


Guilherme said...

That's Palm Jumeirah, a tree shaped artifical island in the coast of Dubai.

Evan said...

Thanks for the correction. My source who sent me the pic will be reprimanded. I thought it looked like Dubai, with immediate echoes of other view-from-above projects, like the "World" islands.