Governments are trembling. Yoghurt is in the air.

From the Guardian this morning. A single-day cross-section of gathering unrest.

And from Iceland in particular: "The yoghurt flying at the free market men who have run the country for decades and brought it to its knees."

Yes. Yoghurt as projectile protest. Not yoghurt exactly but skyr. (In addition with snowballs and eggs.) Roger Boyes' description:

Icelanders all but stormed their Parliament last night. It was the first session of the chamber after what might appear to be an unusually long Christmas break. Ordinary islanders were determined to vent their fury at the way that the political class had allowed the country to slip towards bankruptcy. The building was splattered with paint and yoghurt, the crowd yelled and banged pans, fired rockets at the windows and lit a bonfire in front of the main door. Riot police moved in.

Perhaps creativity will no longer be relegated to sea-turtle costumes and giant earth goddess puppets. Let us instead find what sticks and splatters and stains and marks. Not to mention that which has live cultures which, if manipulated enough and engineered correctly (see Larry Cohen's The Stuff on this point), could be trained to swallow entire Parliament buildings whole in a giant Akira seething mass.

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