Sword and mine combination suicide from the utterly stunning Kuniyoshi show

Apologies for the long hiatus. I have been trying to explore London via gravel, bike roaming, Kafka-esque "you can leave, but it depends who you talk to" riot police, curry, comrades, pints, excessive museum going. And not via the Internet. So upon my return in a few days, reflections to follow. On the apathetic post-apocalyptic exhibition at the Tate Modern, the banal horror of unused Balkan war footage, on Ballard and the dead air of motels, on theatricality and protest, on Jacques Tati and when slapstick Taylorization becomes documentary.

In the meantime, minute detail from within the machine. The new detail offering itself on my account here: Monetize...

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Indrossi said...

Re: 'Monetise'

I see it's run by Google. So, I don't trust it. They're creeping in. Like Skynet.

Did you see much of the very legitimate protests on your travels?