Shoot him again. His soul is still dancing.

Herzog is back with a vengeance. No more deep sea arctic aquatic reveries. The man got a boat pulled over a mountain. Now he's remade Bad Lieutenant, set in New Orleans. It looks like some unholy hybrid of Dirty Harry and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

As much as I love The Wire and as much as some people I know love CSI and Law and Order and all the rest, we're long overdue for a return to the maniacal unhinged dirty underside of the law. McNulty tying red ribbons around the wrists of dead homeless men ultimately humanized the sociopathic construction of a false and imaginary psychopath. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans has the promise to be the release of all that nastiness buried beneath the sheen of forensics and the long-suffering haze of an alcoholic cop just "trying to make a difference".

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runkbaset said...

"video removed"

I agree. Fuck that good cop propaganda, time for the nasty underbelly again.

And Bad Lieutenant was the shit.

On one level its kinda funny, in a sadistic way, to see Keitel doing coke, dance around naked, crying.

The new one doesnt seem to have the same nerve, but I guess Ill watch it.