Thought work and reader demand

Haven't been writing much, as I've been working toward my qualifying exams to become a proper soon-to-be-dissertation-writer. But as final prep for them, in the next two weeks, I will essentially recombine and constellate the issues and texts and films and all that make up my exam projects. So expect a new post everyday that will wind through, on the one hand, Eisenstein, Debord, Adorno, Godard, Vertov, Jameson, Tafuri, and, on the other, things such as the French black metal scene in the 90's, Polish antihumanist novels, Lenin, J.G. Ballard, and Lucio Fulci.

And more importanty, if anyone wants to, I will give you the list of books I'm working on, and you can give me some question you'd like to see me take a frenzied stab at. No questions are off-limits, barring those that use nouns as gerunds (i.e. "queering") or those which reveal my woeful grasp of the sequence of historical events. Quite welcome, however, are questions about what Communism sounds like and why the Luciferian impulse might be the new Soviet power plus electrification.

First up: a minor treatise on the task of "bad style" as the ringing hollow of the end of world historical projects, read through Ballard and Alexander Nevsky. Or, what happens when Disney meets the collapse of the NEP: Clausewitzian pornographic fables and the meaninglessness of fallen soliders.

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