The sound of things to come is the guttural thrum of a Tuvan throat singing rendition of the "Interntionale"

Back to California from Historical Materialism in NYC, from comrades old and new, from meeting in the flesh a number I've only known digitally, from demonstrating that whatever our political miscalculations may or may not be, our young Turk "ultra-left" crew remains particularly good at embarrassing yuppies in bars where it is apparently in bad taste - which is to say, necessary - to dance.

And back with this gem from Alberto: a Tuvan throat singing version of the "Internationale." Amazing, and with certain odd harmonic similarities to Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night." Imagine this played very, very loud, rumbling out over the city.


Palmer said...

Have you heard of Arthur Miles?

This Texan "cowboy singer" from the twenties recorded only one song, "Lonely Cowboy" - an inexplicable, uncanny hybrid of the high lonesome sound and throat singing.

Further threads between Leadbelly and Tuva being drawn...

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Holy hell. That moment when it suddenly moves from standard high lonesome to throat buzz inhuman... Many thanks for this.