Back in the United States of America (to Maine, where I grew up), after two months, several countries, trains, oceans, comrades, cities, night, fish, fountains, books, curved domes, sweat, mountains, buildings broken and shiny, letters, and, above all, the startling hospitality and kindness of those who were strangers and now are friends and those who were friends before and I owe all the more now.

So all of you I met, visited, stayed with, drank with, talked with, I give many, many thanks.  More than anything I saw, I saw you all and that was worth going about halfway across the world.

Now that I'm back on home turf, S a/o B will return state of pseudo-normalcy.  Which is to say fewer photos and less tourism, and more writing, communist speculation, and things that go bump in the night of the world.


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Birdie is his little-little home!