British Horror Film presents: City of the Dead (1960)

The basis of fairy tales is in reality.
The basis of reality is fairy tales.

The first horror film produced by the tag-team of Milton Subotsky and
Max Rosenberg (the two men responsible for Amicus Productions, Hammer’s
only serious rival in the field of British horror in the 1960s and
early ‘70s), City of the Dead is an understated and unsettling movie
about witches and the academic study of witchcraft in contemporary New
England. Making striking use of black-and-white photography (see image
above) and of quasi-Lovecraftian iconography, the film has an
insinuating force all its own. A wonderful sister-text to Witchfinder
General (1968), City of the Dead is not to be missed.

Thursday, November 18th
Stevenson 150, 9 PM

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