Contra Mundum out now

The Contra Mundum volume is out now, including incomparably sharp design, a version of my work on zombies (here titled "The Dead Rustle, The Earth Shudders" and involving a transcription of my intial rambling comments at the Mandrake Gallery), and a number of talks I'm seriously excited to read, particularly Aaron Kunin's thinking on misanthropy.  Aaron is a professor of negative anthropology, a seriously original writer, and was my undergraduate thesis adviser back in Connecticut (overseeing my batshit project on Leibniz, medieval nominalist language theory, what roses are and are not like, "sensicality," speaking in tongues, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, Khlebnikov, spiders, and a collection of poems I wrote called What I Said to Mean).

Check the volume out here.

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