Getting gone


Tomorrow, leaving the US for a while, in a pre-echo of when I move properly to Napoli in the fall.  For now, heading to Zagreb to have done with life, then arching westward again.  May be in Italy and France.  Will be back in the UK to give a co-talk ("Salvagepunk in the birthgrave") with China M. at the end of July.  Back in States in August.  If any of you are in any of these places, you know how to find me, and I hope you do.

Writing here will either be on hiatus or frequent.  That much is not yet clear to me.  Although likely the former, with the assurance, then, that it will be temporary state of affairs.

Leaving every time makes me fathom what it would feel like to leave not a town, city, or site behind, but a whole order of time, to start to properly have done - and to have long been done - with so much of what we tolerate, ashamed but only barely.  Until then (if such a thing is even a then), though, I am, more flatly, excited to get gone once more.

We'll be seeing each other, they said, as they dashed the mirror to the ground,

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