Abominates but fails properly to negate

Mark Fisher reviews Hideous Gnosis in the new issue of The Wire, sidesteps the more inane attacks on theorizing what's already a genre so obsessed with auto-theorizing (albeit from the perspective of willful non-knowledge), and takes on a claim I made rather cryptically about failed militancy.  For the next incarnation: melancology (i.e. blackened ecology of sorts) in London, early 2011.  I'll leave behind politics and headless objects per se for ecologies of hostile manufactured objects, those rare exceptions of the man-made dotting the icy creep of black metal landscapes like Blackwood's malignant willows.

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Benjamin said...

and I hope to be alongside, saying something about capitalist 'rejectamenta' and cloacal critique (although far more boring than this might sound...)
btw the willows is great