Notes toward two figures of darkness and stupidity (based on two phrases with substituted words)

That day in which all cows are black

(featureless identity doesn't get the news that day has come and the field's revealed.  What once was the flatness and indistinction of the dark stands out.  A marked, mooing blot of the ex-same.  For sure, owl of Minerva flies at dusk, we grasp only after the day is done, but what of the staining idiocy of the total night?  The next day begins and the leftovers of thinking's death still stand about and low and wait, painted thick by a total correspondence come and gone.  Once the stealth, comfort, and invasion of absent light - which isn't an absence of light, it's the feeling of being swallowed into a substance, eaten by the ink - is now an affront to space.  That's the birth of difference: embarassment of what was so of its time that it was indifferent, unthought, now it's a terrible inheritance that calls out to be destroyed: a placid herd so dark they're eating the light, just off the side of the road, not just chewing cud, spat back up, but the day itself...)

Shooting dusk for night

(too grayly close to real dark.  That weird zone that is closer to the effect you're trying to produce, looks more like it, but it all breaks down, no underexposure or red filter to go from blue to black.  The time of near-dead light, and the longest shadows, cannot be made into no light.  You need high noon for that.)

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