Giant fish impaled on lightposts, avant-garde pulp

Watched Mega Pirahna, get what the fuss is about now. It is a) a weird bleeding over of Fitzcarraldo-esque - or any other time Herzog gets going about fecundity and doom - dialogue into pulpy, self-knowing retread a little too into being awful for its own good (or bad).

b) Like Transformers, it's audience-baffling, shrill, affectles experimental cinema wrapped in the guise of the popular and effective.

The more I look, the more all films start boiling down to the incoherent, muddied, and glaring friction between what kind of movie we're expecting to see and what it actually feels like to look at, listen to, and sit in front of. Feeding frenzy, blooded and threadbare pixels. And fish leap from the river, drift forward, and auto-impale on whatever they can find, breathless and desperate to get away from themselves.

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