Under the foam paving stones, the foam beach

 Two related ideas for how to entertain ourselves.  To be played in city centers, preferably during marches.

1. Spanish Civil War LARPing
 [hopefully no one really wants to play an Alfonsist.  So we simply play CNT/FAI and imagine those not in the game to be the nationalists they are.  And we will be strict: there is only one Durruti per game, but it rotates.  Full dress is required.  Breaking character is not allowed.  Related games: Novemberrevolution, Paris Commune: The Return, Bologna '77]

2.  Nerf Molotovs
[Nerf paving stones also acceptable.  A technically legal volley ricochets off the banks, the jails, the stores.]

But like a snowball fight when there is ice at hand, you just never know.  You just never know, she said, laughing.

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