World Melodrama Film Series Presents: The Wild, Wild Rose (1960)

It's for real.  I promise you everything.

One of the most iconic showcases for an actress and singer whose career was filled with many such luminary performances, The Wild, Wild Rose is also one of the very best adaptations of Carmen yet put to film.  Shifting the scene of Bizet's opera from Seville to the film noir-ish depths of the club circuit in 1960s Hong Kong, Tian-lin Wang's melodramatic musical makes his heroine, Sijia (Grace Chang), a much more faithful figure than did the original opera, even though Sijia's much-tested devotion to Hanhua (Yang Chang) does nothing to exempt her from Carmen's fate at the hands of her former lover.  Appropriately enough, Grace Chang's singing, dancing, and acting are the star attractions here and make this Cathay Studios release something damn awful special.  Not to be missed.

Tuesday, May 17th
Stevenson 150, 8 PM

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