"Satan has nothing to do with this"

New interview, and they don't happen very often, with Sale Famine from French black metal band Peste Noire, who makes some of the best off-kilter carnival joy and anthemic buzz to date, well-described in the interview as "carefree and sardonic". He also says things which range from the more standard (bullshit racial determinism, shout-outs to Satanic perversity, anti-internet "fuck the scenesters" rhetoric, and serious pride in one's medieval heritage) to the more unusual, which here would include an explanation of his fondness for nihilistic gangster rap, the connections between boy scout hazing and Satanism, and an explanation of why his belief in ecologism and feminism are precisely the reasons for his "right-wing views and ethno-nationalism."

(Thanks to Ben for sending this my way)

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Anonymous said...

I think you might have been challenged to a "crossbow duel."

Just as soon as I think I've seen, heard or read the most ridiculous black-metaller posturing I will ever come across, someone like Famine comes along and destroys the competition. As unbelievably asinine as he is, listening to Peste Noire would never be the same again had I found him to be in any way coherent. Now I guess I'd better fetch my crossbow, too.