"Anyone who does choose to write it should not neglect the political tenor to't: ECW is an avowed Marxist."

Oh shit, they're on to me!

"It's possible that the entire 'genre' consists largely of one dude (the Socialism and/or Barbarism guy, Evan Calder Williams)"


Anonymous said...

unreliable sources unite and all that

word verification: stabingi

katie said...

Hahaha. Will the book count?

--d said...

that night in Barcelona,
when your eyes reflected the water
into the sky

when you held me

that too. better dead than red.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Unreliable sources and bad scholarship, you have nothing to lose but your clinging miasma of illegitimacy...

With book out, I will complete the circuit of auto-verification. Man inside the Oz machine following the instructions of the how-to-wizardry book he himself wrote.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

@ Don:

better dead than red never. Better black than blue, definitely.

However, I do support the word swap out: dead sky at morning, sailors take warning...

--d said...

crappity fuck. i meant to say:

that too; better dead than red.


fucking punctuation. ruins the whole faux-poemito.