Communism and/or nomadism

I'm going rogue for a while. Left California yesterday for a long drift, now in Minnesota. Listing loose plans below with the hopes that if you're in any of these places at any of these times, or know people that I should meet or things I have to see or anything... (except for the Minnesota portion: that's just me and family searching for the Wendigo in the twilight of the inhuman forest/going canoeing on a pretty lake)

Minnesota from now til end of the month

London from start of July to mid-month (seeing close friends I don’t get to see nearly enough, writing in the British Library, feeling like I’m stuck in a missing Ballard story, mapping dead zones and covering them in propaganda, dancing on bars, maybe giving a talk or two)

Rome from mid July to mid August, maybe longer (meeting autonomia crew past and present, working on my Italian, taking over ruins, eating food so good it makes my heart hurt, determining long walks to be taken via locations in Argento films and Pasolini novels)

Uncertain return back toward Britain, open to suggestions, to friends on the continent now, or to those who want to show me around zones new to me. Convince me. Athens may be calling. Or Napoli or Marseilles or … (this is a blank I leave to be filled)

London end of August/start of September (finishing what we started, or rather continuing to build from there, collaborations, new faces, cheap curry, fighting BNP bastards)

Maine early September (back to the homestead, woods and water, reading Caillois in the bedroom where I grew up)

Back toward California later that month (late summer blue sky, return to missed friends, readying for The Ultra-Left Meets the Academy Part Two: The Empire Strikes Itself Back via Untenable Austerity Measures)

I’m going to be writing a lot this summer, and I’ll throw it up here. [Also, working on a speculative horror novel that draws on some thinking that’s appeared on the blog, especially reverse thermodynamics and ice worlds, humid extinction and counter-rot, factory hostility. But with more dried blood cities and things that go bump (i.e. spread their unholy non-unified ferret tentacles horizontally beneath the soil) in the night.] That said, I will be disappearing for stretches at a time and may be slow to respond.

California, I’ll see you in a couple months. Decaying remnants of once-mighty empires , see you very soon. 

- E


Anonymous said...

blank offer: İstanbul.

ECW said...

Tempting blank offer - always wanted to go. Write me an email

Anonymous said...
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