We would counsel you to carry your enthusiasm into arriers more urgently in need of it, that is to say, to your political and moral institutions.

A template for letter writing, particualrly for those that might like to be "letters of protest."  An alternate model of the old-fashioned three part dialectical duck and weave, with all the sick grace of a doomed encounter:

1) The politics of declassed, deneighborhooded dandyism concerned primarily with the bothersome disappearance of girls with which one can amuse oneself

2)  Self-inflating formality and coldness ("it is inconvenient... before we have the opportunity to visit it") of a piss-ant, cloutless group likely known best for fucking with Charlie Chaplin, declaring in the Times that urban development should be halted given that it not accord with their wishes to undertake psychogeographical experiments (read: gather fodder for future tracts, wander drunkenly, and look for girls with whom they can amuse themselves)

3) A devastating lightness, an indifferent suggestion that pulls the rug out from the feet of all involved and names all the more what has been demolished from the beginning

Yours, faithfully

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