Vampire collectivity

"... and then, the bat that made the move, that came up and gave the hug,  you'd see that bat try to lick at the mouth of the other bat.  And if you have a good view, you can actually see the tongue of one bat going into the mouth of the other bat."
"Like they're giving each other a kiss?"
"Very similar.  Yes."

"Yes.  By regurgitating blood."

"these were adult animals feeding other adult animals food that they could have been eating themselves.  That had not been described before..."

("And he'd do the whole starve her until dawn thing and put her back in the cage:

"She will go and beg from other individuals and weirdly instead of them saying to her, you're not my sister, bug off... what would happen is that they would hold still, part their lips, and throw up in her mouth.")


Voluntary associative mutual aid as extinction avoidance mechanism, for the period when large warm red-filled mammals disappeared very quickly.


"Because of this reliance on blood."

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