If you skin a wolf (Living mammals, gnawing mammals)


though it can chew very rotten meat and / newly born animals.  It is nowhere common.


If you skin a wolf,  coyote and a domestic dog, you / would be hard put to it to identify any one of them / even if you were an anatomist. 

Confusion arises / from the fact that dogs in the wide sense of that term / have gone and head and developed what we may call / "nations" without changing in appearance very much.

To add to their charm, these little creatures make pa- / thetic whimpering noises when alarmed.


When seen alive its proportions are hardly / believable and must surely have been developed for / getting through or between things

and we would like to know more about it.

all forms of unpleasant hangers-on - a result of their / habit of following the large cats, making a special noise / when doing so, and then eating up most of the feast as / soon as the cat's back is turned.

for their appalling call which, in the case / of the Indian race is said to be "Dead Hindoo . . . / where, where, where?"

They will all interbreed with do- / mestic dogs, other jackals, or even wolves

there is a colossal mix-up of doggy creatures.

Hopping, gnawing, scheming

it is necessary to take a deep breath, metaphori- / cally, speaking, for this is the largest order