to defile, to debase, to corrupt, to sophisticate, to falsify, to counterfeit, &c.


Anonymous said...

WCW: "Peter Breughel the artist saw it/ from the two sides: the/ imagination must be served--/ and he served// dispassionately

It is no mortal sin to be poor --anything but this featureless tribe that has the money now--staring into the atom, completely blind--without grace or pity, as if they were so many shellfish. The artist, Breughel, saw them . : the suits of his peasants were of better stuff, hand woven, than we can boast.

--we have come in our time to the age of shoddy, the men are shoddy, driven by their bosses, inside and outside the job to be done, at a profit. [...] "that stuff they sell you in the stores now-a-days, no good, break in your hands . that manufactured stuff, from the factory, break in your hands, no care what they turn out" (Book V 225)

socialism and/or barbarism said...

It has been decidedly way too long since I've read Paterson. Thanks for the reminder.

the age of shoddy, without grace or pity.