Buddha's Goat Herd

As unhinged good as it seems.  (Part of the ongoing conviction that all should stop arguing about whether or not Avatar or anything of its ilk is subversive - hint: if it costs that much and makes that much and has been calculated to be too big to fail as it was, then it ain't - and watch things like this, which are messy and inventive. 

Yet another object lesson in why partisans should not give up the fight/arms/process of undoing social order because the old powers-that-be have been kicked out.  (Especially when those old powers include Orson Welles, in grease paint, at his most hooch-swollen, his lidded eyes nearly swallowed by the rest of his face, itself threatened by his looming sleepy collapse.)

And yes, there is that sheer perversity of a anti-colonial struggle that employs livestock as IEDs.  Unlike My Name is Nobody, where the baddies load their saddlebags with their own shootable doom (the master's tools of repurposed gold mining used to get gold without digging are then then turned against them with a few well placed bullets), Tepepa and crew here produce an explosive swarm to be urged up a road with sticks toward the caravan to be destroyed, goaded into explosive retribution, bells a-clangin'.

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