See for yourself pedagogy

When teachers talk about making sacrifices and throwing themselves, heart and soul, into their craft, call em on their bluff: demand that their bodies follow.  This is commitment.

"It is really terrible, but it is part of education sometimes. Unfortunately, they must deal with it," she said.

Let's open it up for discussion, so to speak.

(appropriately, this story came to me from my adviser, who - for his own safety - should perhaps not be encouraging this line of thinking)

"It is important that an autopsy truly be the educational opportunity that it should be. The question is how much these students learned from the situation," she added. 


Dresden Scott said...

But is it awful? What doctor (or who among any of us) should forget "momento mori"? How better to have that driven home for the rest of their lives? If you can participate in the dissection of someone you know, you can operate on anyone.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Exactly - trial by fire (or rather, by the shock of holding in your hands the brain that animated the mouth that explained to you how to remove the brain).