London dates

Initial schedule for my next ten days in London.  Come join at any and all.  (Not included, but up soon, is an event on commodities murderous, feeble, and indifferent, fetishism from the object's side of things, socialist animism, etc, with M. Vishmidt and others.  Will post once we pin down a place and time.)

Talking about pseudo-science, coming undone, and the warm, slightly mushy, fetid breath of extinction

(talking about usury, meat and coinage, real abstractions, the way in which credit is like or not like a sleepless work-cow)

(with winner of the most sublimely ugly poster, up there on an Asger Jorn 
meets Cheech and Chong hybrid level)
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Art Against Cuts, two day workshop.  I'll chat history of sabotage

MONDAY: Alberto, Daniele, and I screening and  discussing one of the greatest political films of the 70s (and the 20th century more broadly), Petri's The Working Class Goes to Heaven

THURSDAY (the 20th): Theory Research Group, down at Chichester
Hostile Object Theory, in fully expanded form

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Anonymous said...

Hi Evan,
Would there be any possibility of reading a copy of your forthcoming Zero book?

Yours Jan