Banquet of the Black Jackal

If you're in LA, check this show out.  Haven't seen yet, but some of my writing is in the catalogue, the group of artists is terrific, and the title is pretty sharp.  (Will be contributing to another thing Adam is doing soon as well.)

What happens when mankind ends? How will history, cultural objects, and relationships between the elements be remembered or reinterpreted? The artists in this exhibition tackle the notion of history—be it personal, cultural or philosophic—in their multimedia installations. The questions at play in this exhibition are informed by the writings of Hegelian philosopher Alexandre Kojève and contemporary science fiction.
Participating artists: Eduardo Consuegra, Adam D. Miller, Ruby Neri, Devon Oder, Amanda Ross-Ho, Liz Craft, Shio Kusaka, and Matthew Greene
The opening reception for Banquet of the Black Jackal will be from 6-8pm on Saturday, January 22.
exhibition curated by Adam D. Miller
exhibition runs from January 22 – March 19. Gallery hours monday-thursday & saturday noon to 5pm. Gallery closed on friday and sunday.
A catalog has been published to accompany the exhibition with essays by Adam D Miller, Mark Von Shlegell, Lia Cheyenne Trinker Browner and Evan Calder Williams. Hand silk-screened covers, and full-color artist pages. Please bring a couple bucks to the opening to get a copy.
The Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA, 90032
California State University, Los Angeles

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