World Melodrama Film Series Presents: The Wicked Lady (1945)

You don’t love him anymore? 
I never have. 
But you took him from me! 
I never could resist anything that belonged to somebody else.

In brief: a woman steals her best friend’s man, gets bored with the rich country life, gambles, loses an important object in said gambling, becomes a highway woman to get it back, gets off on the thrills of criminality, keeps doing it, meets James Mason in a black mask, has a real good time with him, engages in some of the raunchiest dialogue out there (calling them double entendres would imply falsely that anyone would not get what she means by a “hard bargain”), does some killing, meets a man with a great mustache, brings about a proletariat riot at a hanging, and much, much more.  The war was on, rations were tight, but Britain blew all its libidinal resources making this overcharged romp.  No wonder kitchen sink realism was so big after the war.  There was no melodramatic excess, snappy comebacks, or joyous eroticism left.  “I’ve not deceived my husband yet.”  “Then it’s time you began…”

Tuesday, April 19th 
Stevenson 150, 8 PM

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