"We are all Gazans" - الحرية لفلسطين

Israel is now considering a 'humanitarian pause' in its unjustifiable massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.

This is the most pathetic, cynical response I can fathom, that they "consider" this after four straight days of bombing and now readying the tanks.

In the airport yesterday, I watched the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. entirely dodge the obvious fact that the attacks are in no way targeted to attack Hamas terrorists. Instead, all he could say was that what Israel is doing is defense and that what Hamas does is terrorism directed toward innocents. I don't condone Hamas's attacks in the least, but to justify Israel's attack on Gaza via this false opposition is shameful. Shed blood can
perhaps never be part of an equivalency, of so many deaths here versus so many others there, but the disparity in this case of the scalce, mode, and claimed legitimacy is unmistakable.

Any international support of these actions of Israel should be understood as entirely unconscionable. Particularly from the U.S., as Obama obediently gets in line with the standard unthinking American support of Israeli tactics.

We need to refuse and reject any politicians who won't break rank with their expected support of Israel in this instance. There is no excuse for not doing so.

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