2012 comes a year early

My black book is now real and tangible, feeling a bit like a time capsule lobbed by me a year ago into this now.  (A consequence of this is a set of incidents, cultural material, shifts in my own thinking, etc, that are not present in the book.  When the time comes, I'll write a post-script/addendum/self-rebuttal.)  Real thanks to everyone who helped me turn this mess into a somewhat polished slab of obsidian, neon, and bile.

My sadness, unsurprised but still, is only that what may have appeared to some as merely a rhetorical gesture of sorts - a punning title, a détourned theory, a silly bellicosity, a cute catastrophism for the fuck of it - has, in the year since I finished writing, shown itself all the more to be as deadly serious as I meant it to be.  Would that it had turned out to have been just a bad joke.

It's been a long end of days, and we've got a long, long way to go.  As always, it's communism or catastrophe.  That's it.  And in this case, there's no and/or in sight. 

In the meantime, get your spades, comrades, and let's start digging, upwards this time.



gamefaced said...

looking forward to this.

Greyhoos said...

Yep. Received word the other day that my copy had shipped, and am awaiting its arrival.