These days

Few things:

1. I'll be in LA this weekend, for this.  Hope to see some of you there.  Unfortunately, a far too truncated trip.

2.  I will once again write substantive things here, despite the recent slide back into scattered ephemera.  Writing projects I've taken on, the kind with collective schedules or official deadlines, have became monstrous Eaters of Time, and I've been gathering, polishing, and hoarding theses in private.  Will begin dropping them here.

3.  Combined and Uneven Apocalypse is finally coming out.  Should be available in the U.S. by the end of this month.  Urge your local bookstore to put it up front alongside Twilight, because at night, when the store closes, it will eat those books and use their spines to make siege engines to take on the self-help section.  Conversely, it's about $10 off on Amazon, if local business isn't one's thing.  I'd like to give talks about it in various cities, so if you live in one and know a bookstore/library/gallery/university/museum/bar/house that would be interested, let me know.

4. The 70s Film Series I run with Erik turned out incredibly.  We're starting up again in April with Melodrama, of the Mexican, British, American, and German variety.  Those who might be saddened about the prospect of the falling weirdness quotient (although House sets the bar unfairly high), don't be.  These are some of the stranger, sharper films out there, and they should be watched together (as should almost all films), with the transmission of giggling, dejection, turned-on-ness, and unease that does not happen in the echo chamber of the One and Only.  Plato was worried about a "plague of pathos" - these are that well-lit nightmare.

5.  Arab Revolt Reading Group will be starting in April as well, have gathered names of those interested, and will be working up a reading list in the next few weeks.

5.  Pride to those in Wisconsin, shame to all of us just watching slack-jawed, and utterly yes to general strike.



W. Kasper said...

Check out 'product description' on the Amazon link.


socialism and/or barbarism said...

Yeah, noticed it a couple months back. I wish I could claim intentional. No, just the brilliant accidental malevolence of Amazon. It's now getting fixed, although I do dig the utter idiosyncrasy.

Dresden Scott said...

Can I still get on your Arab Revolt Reading Group(tm)?

socialism and/or barbarism said...

DS: Sure thing, will add to list.