Good evening, everyone, and here is the latest news from Athens: Good night. (Also, watch out for floating torch lamps. We've had reports they're heading west.)

A briefest of evening news.  A very long commercial break.

(Note on the alarming autophagy of all things spectacular: the pre-broadcast video features a happy gathering of young people raising what look like flaming rocks to the dark sky.  In a time of forthcoming civil war, it appears that if you can't beat them (i.e. anarchists),  then "join" them.  By "join", that is, we mean "make sure they are smiling, well-buffed yuppies with sexy hair and that they do not touch the things - those Ikea molotovs - that are burning as they rise upwards magically to touch nothing, like banks or cars.  No, just to softly illuminate the night.  You know, just like hope.  Or something.")


Anonymous said...

Just for the records,the sign reads
"We break the wall of silence.
The victory of the students battle
is the victory for all societies"

Furthermore,the aim of this was to inform people of what is REALLY happening inside the Universities,(since the new laws were voted),since the pro-governemental channels are trying to quietly 'ignorine'the situation.

Minutes after the students invaded the TV channel, police forces arrived ''making sure there was no trouble caused''.

The students demanded that their message is heard and recorded and shown on the greek state tv during the midnight news, but the chanel disagreed and offered them a 'spot'during the morning news of Monday,to which the students naturally refused.

There is no further notice on the evolution of these events....

So let us all sleep calmly
under the burning air.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Sincere thanks for the update. I'll keep an eye out for new news. Until then, thoughts with those who are doing what needs to get done and to not settling down or for less.

Anonymous said...

..and so here is how it goes:

After a series of negotiations between students and the state tv channel NET (its representatives), they agreed to present the student's recorded message during the midnight news and also during the morning news of Monday.


In the end the message was not shown in any of the above times/days(and i doubt it ever will be) agreed and instead,the management of ERT(NET) made the following announcement (extract):

''The National RadioTelevision is emphatically opposed to any actions which turn AGAINST THE PEOPLE'S HOLY RIGHT TO INFORMATION''

I ll let you draw your own conclusions,but let us remember Castoriadis on this,and not only.

“What is certain is that those who are aware of the gravity of the questions raised ought to do everything in their power—whether by speaking out, by writing, or simply by the attitude they adopt in the place they occupy—so that people might awaken from their contemporary lethargy and begin to act in the direction of freedom.”

socialism and/or barbarism said...

"the people's holy right to information"

Christ. Castoriadis is here, as often, entirely correct. As long we include the caveat that we have long been (somewhere around a few hundred years) in which we know now that speaking out, writing, or attitudes may constitute a small shoving of the angle toward a direction called freedom, but that they are not, remotely, plausibly, enough. Those aware of the gravity of the questions raised should now that the forces that keep answering them that way are entirely fine with speaking out, writing, and attitudes - in fact, they encourage them, precisely insofar as they remain speaking, writing, and attitudes.

If you're in contact with people there, my thoughts to them.