Strike therapy

"Our assessment of conflict must change.  It is a physiological not pathological aspect of an economy undergoing continuous and accelerated change.  Conflict must neither be repressed nor checked; rather it is a good thing that it is openly expressed.  Although one should not deny the importance of preventing conflict, more emphasis should be given to its regulation by the parties concerned than to state coercion in the resolution of the differences leading to conflict."

- Carlo Donat-Cattin, Christian Democrat, in a debate on the Statuto dei Lavoratori passed in 1970.

You know, just let them get out there and run around a bit!  Let them experiment!  It isn't pathological, it's a perfectly natural, healthy reaction for workers their age (to be upset and excited about the continued degradation of their lives).  Just, you know, don't let them overdo it.  Monday comes fast.


Giovanni Tiso said...

Plus, his party wasn't against planting bombs on trains, at railway stations and in squares packed with protesters.

(Cherry on top: Donat Cattin's son was a Prima Linea terrorist.)

UuOoBb said...

I went to the anti-fascist protest in London yesterday and that's exactly what it was. 3500 police let us on one side and the EDL on the other run around for a bit.

ECW said...

DC was a very classy man, as far as pieces of shit go.

And yeah, I can imagine that's exactly how the anti-fa protest went. Because that is fundamentally how the logic of protests go, as far as they remain protests.