Shed! (The sun considers a relatively large hole hanging in space)

Oct. 28. – Misery, dismal forebodings, and despair. Beware of all light discourse -- a joke uttered at this time would produce a popular outbreak.

Oct. 29. – Beware!

Oct. 30. – Keep dark!

Oct. 31. – Go slow!

Nov. 1. – Terrific earthquake. This is the great earthquake month. More stars fall and more worlds are slathered around carelessly and destroyed in November than in any other month of the twelve.

Nov. 2. – Spasmodic but exhilarating earthquakes, accompanied by occasional showers of rain and churches and things.

Nov. 3. – Make your will.

Nov. 4. – Sell out.

Nov. 5. – Select your "last words." Those of John Quincy Adams will do, with the addition of a syllable, thus: "This is the last of earthquakes."

Nov. 6. – Prepare to shed this mortal coil.

Nov. 7. – Shed!

Nov. 8. – The sun will rise as usual, perhaps; but if he does, he will doubtless be staggered some to find nothing but a large round hole eight thousand miles in diameter in the place where he saw this world serenely spinning the day before.

M. Twain, 1865

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