Pe' nuie na ca chiagnimmo o cielo e Napule

da cui


1.  For those who don't know, I moved to Italy a few days ago.  I live in Naples now.  It is excellent.  Although it is a difficult time to not be in the States, I'm very glad to be living more in the collapsing Euro-zone area of those I already know and those I have yet to meet.  If you're in either of those categories and are anywhere near here, from Greece to Scandinavia to Spain to Portugal to France and et cetera, stay in touch or get in touch, and I hope we can meet up soon.

2.  To friends and comrades back home busy fleshing out that swelling map of Occupy X sites and busy making those sites mean something fierce and real: good luck, take care, and do what needs to be done with no apology or hesitation, what's needed to be done for a long damn time.


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