Three crime scenes

 6:40:45 PM

6:42:43 PM

6:44:44 PM

And it is undeniable that while the gulls had heard nothing of the missing poodle, camera, or toddler, and even while their alibi stood up as straight and true as the line of their polygraph tests, still, still there were those footprints.

The Sgt. remarked how They looked like those old dance-diagrams that could be drawn on the ground for you to follow with your feet, all double-steps, arrows looping back on themselves.

Sure, Sgt, muttered Inspector Neras.  Just like that.  Provided it is a dance where you slaughter a pig in the middle.

The Sgt did not bother to restrain his thick, mushy smile when the reports came in the next morning of a missing pig.

And there had always been that fact of the music.

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