British Horror Presents: Four Sided Triangle (1953)

When squaring the circle
means screwing the pooch.

A severely weird lynch-pin between the Hammer sci-fi films and Fisher’s Curse of Frankenstein four years later, it’s the story of a best buddy pair of scientists who grow up together, make a “Reproducer” together (as always, men trying to get around that whole “women need to be part of the reproductive cycle” bother), and decide to solve the problem of who gets the one girl with the solution: “both get the same girl”.  Of course, she’s chosen one of the two, so the jilted other decides that if she were to be replicated, obviously he could have his fair share.  Needless to say, things go bad, lust isn’t that simple, new geometry won’t save you, and it turns out that the famous Lacanian question, “what does woman want?”, gets no easier for our jack-ass inventors to answer when reformulated as “what does two of the same woman want?”  A creepy premise made a lot creepier and far more melancholic by the end of it, aided by a pitch-perfect ear to libido swirling through allegedly polite conversation, and an eye for the slim gap between unrequited love and total indifference to the desires of the other.


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