The dark at the end of the tunnel


Anonymous said...

This is the best. I think this is a pretty good cover for a Joy Division single. I am really tripping on the slash between atomic state and "governability." But quick one: what's the date? I can't make it out... I want to say late 70s, clearly, but I thought Lotta Continua tanked mid-decade? Or this is something else altogether.
Lin Piao

Savonarola said...

1979 - LCC was a bi-monthly magazine/political grouping made up by LC activists after the disbandment of that organisation, I think it lasted through the 80s, taking a position somewhere between the parliamentary hard left (Democrazia Proletaria) and the various fragments of the 'area of autonomy'. Gabrielo Polo, who was director of il manifesto in the 2000s, was one of their members.

More materials here:

socialism and/or barbarism said...

yes, I'm thinking we all need to start raiding the icebox of gorgeous autonomist design a lot more. It's an object lesson that swerves from austere to full-bore sexiness.

And thanks Sav, both the fill-in and for sending me the pretty thing in the first place.

Shalom Patrick Hamou said...


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eamonn said...

That still is very very 'Day of the Dead'. You know the scene where the zombie hands eventually reach out from the dark (cupboard?/ doorway?) to surround the main military character's head as he makes his escape. Tunnel is very very day of the dead too.