O, gentlemen, the time of life is short!... An if we live, we live to tread on kings.

"Take the grey wolf, the child of Saturn (..) and throw him the body of the King.  And when he has swallowed him, build a big fire and throw the Wolf into it, so that he burns up, and then the King will be liberated again."

- Michael Maier, Atalanta fugiens, 1618

Or a sad history of insurrections gone wrong and the king - as no longer a king, but kingliness diffuse - strides away after the scuffle, rises up to pollute and settle back on all things, while the ashes of the wolf are, at the end of the day, just dust gray and graying.

To stand Saturn on its head, then - which is to say, back on its feet, to make the doubly inverted exceptional night last for years to come.

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