Shit will be made and yes, yes it will burn


Quatermass 2 (movie) Part2
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(A terrible echo.)

Sludge, the almost-solid that corrodes solids.  It is not food and it smears like shit and it burns.  It makes one untouchable.  It is the after of industry that consumes any, particularly those who forget that it's production first, concerns of the state second, those who are neither last...  

In this film (Quatermass 2), it isn't remainder: it's the point of it, the mass manufacture - a money hole, gobbling state funds and commodities without producing value, only the promise of extinction - of what elsewhere tries to be forgotten and keeps coming back, seeping, each time the wind blows.  It is a skipping straight to end of the line, jumping the cycle, getting to the point already.

Economy's fundamental promise - shit will be made and at the end of the day, it is not food and it will stick with you everywhere you go and yes, yes it will burn - without the long labor of pretending it goes on indefinitely.

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