B-4 coherent sexuality

OK, as a general rule, I will avoid turning this site into a clearing house of cultural detritus I find on the internet. But this is a necessary exception.

Two videos by the Canadian boy-band group B-4 4 (because there are three of them, as in three comes before four). The pedophilic undertones of the second video ("Get down," an anthem regarding mutual oral pleasuring) are startling, as is the fact that no one along the corporate structure way pointed out this barely sublimated element. Also, it is simply one of the most remarkable things I've seen in a while. As for the first video ("Go go"), it begins with what seems like a homosexual incest rape fantasy (two of the band members are twin brothers) and then involves a turn to stealing a woman back and forth from one another, a woman who has little to no interest in these spiky-gel-haired tools (who always, in their videos, either pursue the same woman en masse or sing while the love object is with another man in a strange sort of cuckold fantasy).


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