Smug organic consumer future parent carrying on the legacy in training

Photo I took inside one of the "organic" groceries in Santa Cruz. While not unique, I find the cynicism of this rather staggering, particularly given that it would be unlikely to see such little plastic interpellations displayed so boldly at the non-yuppie standard groceries (Safeway, Kroger, etc).

(These are the flags on top of the tiny shopping carts kids can practice with, learning that buying the right kind of vegan Worcestershire sauce is in fact a crucial index of what kind of voter and person you are.)

The other side of this is that it functions as a referent and compliment to the "cashier in training" badges that new employees have to wear. It extends the consuming pedagogy - of how to streamline and "put a human face on", and the assumption that one has to really work on it to learn how to get it right - straight through both sides of the exchange.

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